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Total Distribution 900.000.000 Cultural Coins

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The ICO ended on 31.12.2018.

Executive Summary
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“Cultural Places is the new social network for the cultural world.
Revolutionizing access to cultural content, location based information, cultural ticketing & crowdfunding via blockchain with our own crypto currency – the Cultural Coin.”

Patrick Tomelitsch, CEO, Oroundo

What we do

Cultural Places Platform

Cultural Places opens up a gate to all aspects of a cultural user journey combining location based information, ticketing, crowdfunding, map & routing and trip planning. All on one platform.


Cultural Places provides efficient ticketing utilizing the blockchain, which makes agency intermediaries unnecessary. Result: cheaper tickets, better margins.


The platform offers a fundamentally new approach to cultural crowdfunding – connecting institutions, artists, patrons and private donors.

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Why to participate in Cultural Places ICO

Stable and rapidly growing business

Holders of Cultural Coins will benefit from our token reward program

Shown token rewards are based on a targeted event tickets market share of 12% (see whitepaper for details). Assumptions: Tokens are distributed on a monthly basis. Tokens can be bought unlimited on token exchange at issuing exchange value of 3 EUR Cents. As the number of tokens is limited to a maximum of 1.5 Bn., the received tokens are dependent on the EUR exchange value  of the Cultural Coin in the open market.

Huge market potential

As our crypto ticketing solution scales easily, the actual market potential is huge in different markets (theaters, music events etc.) and regions (USA, Asia etc.)

As sources for different ticket market sizes are quite difficult to obtain, the shown figures are indicative.

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About us

The Cultural Places Ecosystem

About Cultural Places

Cultural Places is the first holistic platform in the cultural sector that connects
visitors, institutions, artists, content creators and donors. Cultural Places will
disrupt the cultural sector as it redefines the relations between all stakeholders
and creates new business opportunities. The core is its own crypto currency – the Cultural Coin – based on blockchain technology. That reinvents and simplifies cultural financing, sponsoring and ticketing.

About Oroundo

Cultural Places is created, developed and run by Oroundo. Oroundo is an already
successful international start-up with the vision to create the largest social
network and the most notable partner for culture and tourism. The company is
headquartered in Vienna, Austria – Europe’s stronghold of music and art.
Oroundo operates in 6 countries with 4 offices, more than 30 employees and 34

Cultural Places – Features

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Cultural Coin Volume & Distribution Structure

Out of 1,5 billion generated Cultural Coins 900 million Cultural Coins (60%) will be offered to the public within the ICO. Unsold Cultural Coins will be burned after the 5th of April 2018. 10% (150 Mil) of the Cultural Coins will be placed in the stability pool. 2% (30 Mil) of the Cultural Coins will be reserved for the bounty program. 5% (75 Mil) will be distributed among the shareholders of the Cultural Places’ Oroundo Mobile GmbH. 23% (345 Mil) of the Cultural Coins will be holdback to equip all partners, team members, advisors and early investors with Cultural Coins. The holdback portion is subject to a vesting period until 2019.

Project Spendings


This is how we do it

Reward Programs

Opportunity Program

1% of all spendings on Cultural Places will be transferred to all Cultural Coin holders. This is the reward of being part of Cultural Places ecosystem and making a vision come true. Cultural Coins arised from the opportunity program will be distributed on a regular basis based on the amount of Cultural Coins a user holds in his/her wallet.

Customers Loyalty Program

1% of a user’s spendings on Cultural Places (e.g. from ticketing and shop sales) will be transferred back to the user in our loyalty program as Cultural Coins - Cultural Places’ own cryptocurrency. Users will therefore collect Cultural Coins, similar to a frequent traveler program, to further use them reducing ticket prizes, donating in cultural projects or purchasing location based content. The loyalty program reward will directly be transferred to the users‘ Cultural Places wallet in Cultural Coins.

Institution Royalty Program

1% of all spendings on Cultural Places will be put into a royalty program pot for all participating institutions. Every partner institution of Cultural Places will receive a share in Cultural Coins, which is depended on their turnover rate, their simple participation with their profile and their novelty to the platform. This raises the motivation for new institutions to participate in Cultural Places and offering content to the visitors. The distribution will happen on a regular basis.

Project Solidarity Program for Crowdfunding

1% of the collected Cultural Coins for a crowdfunding-project will be distributed to all other projects on Cultural Places. This gives smaller or special interests projects the opportunity to reach their funding goals easier leading to a richer offering of cultural activities powered by Cultural Places.

New Qualifier Program for the ICO

ICO End date is 31.12.2018

New AIRDROP model

  • 3 airdrops throughout the ICO period (Summer, Autumn, Winter)
  • Softcap 2 Mio. EUR, hardcap approx. 19 Mio. EUR
  • 5 Qualifier groups depending on ETH-participation
  • Low barrier for airdop participation (enter e-mail address, create account in Cultural Places app)

3 x Bounty Airdrop

- Get qualified by contributing more than 1 ETH and creating an account in our app*

- Earn airdop tokens (Cultural Coins) based on your qualifier group

- Participate in all 3 airdrops to receive maximum airdrop tokens

* Participants are qualified for an airdrop by subscribing to our newsletter and creating an account in our Cultural Places app with the same Email address as used in the whitelisting process

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Strategic Investors love our Idea

Dr. Karl Rimmer

IMR Technology Group, CEO, Austria

"I support Cultural Places as it has tremendous potential and will revolutionize the cultural sector. Since the beginning we have full confidence into the management and the team. We are expecting the excellent, positive evolution to be continued."

Elisabeth Rimmer

IMR Technology Group, CEO, Austria

"I support Cultural Places and the Team behind it due to the enormous potential of digitally reaching out to people respectively cultures on a global level. It encourages an almost barrier free exchange between art & culture and a reduction of distrust against the unknown like humans, cultures and religions."

Roland Pflügl

Emerge Invest Consult, MP, Austria

"Cultural Places is a platform, which brakes with traditional ticketing systems and provides unique visitor experiences. A particular focus is given upon the younger demographic."

Ronald van Onlangs

Strategic Investor, The Netherlands

"In the past just a few people were the cause of big changes in the world! Some inventions seemed to be small but became huge and 'a small step for a man became a big step for all human kind'. I see cultural places make that small step as the first step of a fantastic voyage, disrupting a whole industry and I will be a part of it!"

Albert de Booij

De Booij Holding, Speakers Academy, CEO & Founder

"The project has really huge potential! There are hundreds of thousands of venues – opera houses, museums, concerthalls – they all could become Cultural Places clients. We are a cultural company ourselves and the leader in the European speakers market and we always look for great opportunities and expansions."


We are a strong team from various backgrounds

Patrick Tomelitsch

Founder & CEO

Klaus Windisch

CO-Founder & CEO

Wolfgang Zissernig


Ulrike Lemmerer

Authorized Signatory

Stefan Mauracher

Conceptional Analyst & Research Specialist

Raphael Huber

Strategic & Financial Consultant

Christian Bradach


Igor Bulatović


Maren Waffenschmid

Head of Content

Anna Cossa

Vice Head of Content

Goran Gajić

Managing Partner Serbia
Republic of Serbia

Dario Komljenović

Q&A Manager
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aleksandar Aleksić

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aleksandar Bjelošević

Senior Back End Developer
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Željko Marković

Front End Developer
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Milan Trivić

Product Owner & UI/UX Designer
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Milan Mastikosa

Senior Back End Developer
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Željko Stjepanović

System Administrator
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dušan Sančanin

Technical Support
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Suzana Pletikosa

Marketing Manager
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Fedja Djukić

2D & 3D Designer
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bojan Komljenović

Head of Business Development
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bojan Buljić

HR Advisor
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Marko Ivanović

Front End Developer
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ayu Cornellia

HOD Marketing & Sales

Erlin Herliani

Marketing & Research

More teammembers


Experts assisting our ICO

Peter Kupfer

Cultural Management
Kupfer Kultur

Florian Dittrich

Development of artistic & cultural Partnerships
Roadmap Entertainment

Chris Obereder

Marketing Advisor
USA, Germany

Mark Noorlander

Exchange & Crypto Expert

Walter Thoen

Blockchain Specialist

Mario Rosin

Ticketing Expert

Georg Müller

Financial Advisor

Oliver Stauber

Legal and Tax Advisor

Marko Göls

Digital Marketing
Digitalsunray Media

Bernhard Trogrlic

Crypto Community Expert
Digitalsunray Media

Hannes Haborth

Marketing Advisor
Digitalsunray Media

Peter Glenk


Katharina Riedl

PR and Media Relations
Image Angels

More advisors


You can contact us via telegram, live chat on the website, messenger or twitter. Our preferred contact point is telegram. See also our FAQs and Glossary for already asked questions.

There will be 900.000.000 tokens (called Cultural Coins) available for exchange. However, the price will vary depending on the days left until the ICO is closed. See ICO timeline for details.

There is a minimum in the Pre-ICO of 1 ETH. In the ICO itself there is no minimum. However, there is a maximum of 200 ETH. If you want to send more, please contact our Cultural Places support team.

We use the ERC721 standard, which is based on Ethereum.

Total supply of Cultural Coins is 1,5 billion. 900 Million Cultural Coins will be offered in the Cultural Places ICO. Cultural Coins, which are not given away from the 900 Million, will be burned after the 5th of April 2018. The total supply will be dependent on the ICO outcome. The circulating supply will be shown on the chosen exchanges.

If the predefined tokens for one phase are sold out, we will immediately start the next phase.
If one phase is not sold out, the remaining tokens will be summed up to the next phase.
We will NOT extend any phase, even if the tokens in that phase are not sold out.

The Cultural Places wallet will be ready in Q1 2019 as an Cultural Places App function.

The listing of Cultural Coins on exchanges depends on different variables like issued tokens and is subject to negotiation with the different exchange providers. We will announce the supported exchanges within two month after the ICO.

The listing of Cultural Coins on exchanges depends on different variables like issued tokens and is subject to negotiation with the different exchange providers. We will announce the supported exchanges within two month after the ICO.

The crypto ticketing feature will be available in Q1 2019 as a Cultural Places app function.

The crypto funding feature is planned to be available in Q3 2019 as a Cultural Places app function.

Direct micro-crowdfunding. The basic idea behind that, is to promote certain projects to visitors while walking through a tour using the e.g. audio guide of the Cultural Places app. Here users can instantly donate to a specific project related to an object or exhibition. E.g. the excavation of some archaeological site needs funding for their work. Nevertheless app users can always donate to various kinds of projects through the app.

By using MyEtherWallet (MEW) by setting up a custom token you will be able to see your amount of your Cultural Coins (CC). In the future we will also integrate an own wallet into our Cultural Places app, so you can easily check your Cultural Coin balance.


Ethereum Request for Comments 721, or ERC721, is an Ethereum Improvement Proposal introduced by Dieter Shirley in late 2017. It’s a proposed* standard that would allow smart contracts to operate as tradeable tokens similar to ERC20. ERC721 tokens are unique in that the tokens are non-fungible.

The protocol is used in Cultural Places to model the cultural ticketing process.

A blockchain facilitates secure online transactions. A blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network. (Wikipedia)

Cultural Places uses the blockchain to enable cultural ticketing and cultural funding. Cultural Places' own crypto token - the Cultural Coin - is based on the blockchain technology.

Ethereum is an open-source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform featuring smart contract functionality.

Cultural Places uses Ethereum to issue the Cultural Coin token in the ICO. Also the secure and transparent cultural ticketing and the cultural crowdfunding is based on this technology.

Ether is a crypto currency based on the blockchain technology Ethereum. Like Bitcoin, Ether is a common crypto currency for investing in ICOs.

Investors can buy Cultural Coins - the Cultural Places token issued in the ICO - using Ether from their crypto wallet.

To participate in the Cultural Places ICO, you have to "whitelist" your Ether wallet address. Which means, you register yourself as an ICO participant by sending us your Ether wallet address and your e-Mail address. After that you are authorized to participate. This process prevents fraud actions and raises security.